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May 2005


by yeapku & 22 others
Cooperative Classification and Communication Through Shared Metadata


by wyliej & 3 others
a form of street art that transcends virtual and physical space

April 2005


by wyliej & 15 others
On June 17th, every year, the family goes through a private ritual: we photograph ourselves to stop a fleeting moment, the arrow of time passing by.

Cannabis compound benefits blood vessels - Low dose helps combat formation of arterial blockages.

by mikepower
A compound derived from the cannabis plant protects blood vessels from dangerous clogging, a study of mice has shown. The discovery could lead to new drugs to ward off heart disease and stroke

Life lessons

by mikepower
What is the one thing everyone should learn about science? Spiked asked 250 scientists - here we bring you some of the most provocative responses

ChangeThis :: ChangeThis

by yeapku & 14 others
they say it's a media on a mission to spread important ideas and change minds.

March 2005

Kevin Meyers: At last the light is shone on the IRA

by mikepower
No event in Northern Ireland in recent years has distilled the abominable and corrupted reality of life under the peace process as the murder of Robert McCartney. Half beaten to death, one eye gouged out, his throat cut, and then gutted like a fish...

Making learning uncool: The establishment disses education as much as hip-hop ‘playas’.

by mikepower
It wasn't Jay-Z who grabbed headlines by declaring that 'learning history is a bit dodgy'. That was the former education secretary, Charles Clarke.

February 2005