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Behance :: Overall Concept

by springnet
The Behance team studies exceptionally productive people and teams working in the creative fields. We document the methods and resources that productive creative professionals use to push their ideas forward. By invitation only.


TED: Ideas worth spreading

by springnet
inspired talks by the world's greatest thinkers and doers * technology * entertainment * design *

FLAVORSHARE - Video Sharing With A Twist of Lime!

by johnski
Share your recipes and cooking videos with the world at! is a growing community that offers its users the opportunity to upload video instruction along with their text recipes. This service is also a fabulous resource for food industry professionals who want to create buzz for their cookbooks and cooking blogs. They can post videos, recipes, and html links back to their commercial sites. Sharing recipies has always been fun...but at FlavorShare we take it to a whole new level. This site is dedicated to sharing video recipies...starring YOU! It's easy! Simply upload videos of yourself preparing your favorite dishes and sharing your cooking secrets. It's fun, free, and very cool. Whether you are a master chef or just beginning we want to see your passion for food! Get started today and share your flavor with the world!


Ideas by Creativity Pool

by ycc2106 & 1 other
Social community to submit and disscuss ideas


Tag Passing: The Story So Far - Freshblog

by ecmanaut
Greg, your ideas are much too good to be hidden buried in the deep web like this, in some un-RSS-tracked comment somewhere, with just barely a permanent URI. (John might happen to update his template to use the Blogger standard comment URI permalinks <b>#

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