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March 2007 forum - discussions on software project management, startups, ideas and much more

by inrila
I am glad to invite you to the We are building a place, where you can come and talk. Most of you are the bosses. The bosses of your little business, ISV (and it doesn't matter what size is it), huge companies' project managers or officers, or just bosses-wannabe. We would even support a PMBOK-spoiled guys, if they will fit. Ask questions or tell us your stories. You are devoting our time to building startups, entrepreneurship, software project management, developing software requirements, project management life-cycling and so on and we would be happy if you will discuss your efforts and experience with us.

September 2006

DEMO的中国“处女秀” - BLOG @ GE Online

by jackiege

July 2006

June 2006

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