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February 2007

Using open source software to design, develop, and deploy a collaborative Web site, Part 13: PHP development within Eclipse

by parmentierf & 7 others
Follow along in this series of articles as the IBM® Internet Technology Group designs, develops, and deploys an extranet Web site for a fictitious company, International Business Council (IBC), using a suite of freely available software. In this article, explore how to use the Eclipse integrated development environment to create your Web site, with a focus on Eclipse's support for PHP and using Concurrent Versions System (CVS) for version control.

January 2007

Aptana: Download Other Versions

by parmentierf & 5 others (via)
Aptana is a robust, JavaScript-focused IDE for building dynamic web applications. Highlights include the following features: * Code Assist on JavaScript, HTML, and CSS languages, including your own JavaScript functions * Outliner that gives a snapshot view of your JavaScript, HTML, and CSS code structure * NEW: FTP/SFTP uploading, downloading and synchronization * NEW: JavaScript debugger to troubleshoot your code * Error and warning notification for your code * Support for Aptana UI customization and extensions * Cross-platform support * Free and open source licensed under the Eclipse Public License, v1.0.

March 2006

June 2005

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