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Simplicio: A Free Icon Set | Freebies | Smashing Magazine

by claire_ & 4 others
The set contains 78 free icons in .png and .ico including AI which can be useful for both corporate and personal setting. You can use the set for free...

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10 Mistakes in Icon Design - TurboMilk

by sbrothier & 3 others
It is much easier to criticize somebody else’s work than to create something cool yourself. But if you apply a systematic approach to criticizing, make a numbered list and prepare illustrations, it will be regarded as a fully-fledged analysis! In my opinion, icon design is undergoing a transitional period. On the one hand, screen resolutions are increasing, hence enhancing icons. On the other hand, we still have good old pixels. Icons sized 16×16 and even smaller are still widely used. And so, here are the most commonly observed mistakes in icon design…

The Mother of All Happy Macs Gives the Gift of Web 2.0

by sbrothier
The trash can. The happy mac. The bomb. The visual language of point-and-click computing came to life in the imagination of Susan Kare, a fine arts curator hired by Apple in 1983 to design the look and feel of the Macintosh interface. Her whimsical, easy-to-grok icons tempted even nontechies to pick up a mouse, and her sleek screen fonts — with jet-set names like Geneva and Monaco — launched the first wave of elegant digital typography.

January 2008

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