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Spanning Sync 3 - Sync iCal with Google Calendar, Sync Address Book with Google Contacts

by gregg & 4 others
Spanning Sync 3 is the one app that syncs both iCal with Google Calendar and Address Book with Google Contacts. It gives you even better control over how your information syncs, and is now up to 10x faster!


BusySync 2.0 Preview

by nhoizey
With BusySync 2.0, you can perform bidirectional synchronization between iCal and Google Calendar, providing web based access to your calendars from anywhere.



TNPI - Do it Yourself .mac

by nhoizey
Many of the reasons I do not find .mac useful are the same reasons I encourage others to use it. My needs are different than the average computer user. This is not an "I hate .mac" article but rather an explanation of the motivation and methods I used to provide myself with comparable services that are more usable for me. I publish it so that others may benefit from what I have learned.


by nhoizey & 4 others (via)
MonoCalendar is an application designed for easy management of calendars. The idea is to try to make a program like iCal that works in other platforms besides the Mac.

iCal Exchange

by Ganf & 2 others
calendrier en ligne, accessible via une interface Web mais aussi via les outils classique en lecture *ET* écriture. le n'a franchement aucun intérêt à coté.


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