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June 2007

Jesse James Garrett: information architecture resources |

by simon_bricolo & 6 others
published work related to information architecture and user experience

April 2007

Building a XMPP GTalk agent

by fredbird
Many sites like twitter and imified are providing an IM XMPP / Jabber interface or an agent that can be used to send updates, messages and monitor todo lists or post blog entries. I was intrigued by the idea and wanted to explore how easy it would be to play with GTalk and plugin my own little agent running stuff for me.

February 2007

January 2007

December 2006

by antoniomokarzel & 64 others
A visual exploration on mapping complex networks

Squidoo : Lenses

by antoniomokarzel & 2 others
Introduction to Information Architecture - Encyclopedia/Glossary

by antoniomokarzel & 3 others
A site about HCI, Usability, UI Design, User Experience, Information Architecture and more..


by antoniomokarzel & 2 others
Website heat maps for usability and information architecture


by antoniomokarzel & 6 others
The Information Architect's Wiki. It is a collaborative knowledge base for the topic of InformationArchitecture. Anyone can contribute, and there are no pre-registration hoops to jump thru ... just click the "Edit This Page" link at the bottom of any page

Information Architecture 3.0

by antoniomokarzel & 2 others
Peter Morville's column about information architecture and findability

November 2006

FORUM MP | Intelligence artificielle ( IA ) : Betabot le chatterbot

by parmentierf
Le but du projet "Betabot" est de créer un chatterbot capable d'apprendre tout et n'importe quoi suivant la logique de son éducateur. Par exemple, il doit être possible de lui apprendre n'importe quel langage, que ce soit le français, l'anglais, n'importe quelle langue (même des langages inventés). L'intelligence artificielle interviendra plus tard et permettra entre autre de simuler des raisonements, des décisions, des choix ... sur les réponses à fournir à l'interlocuteur.