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December 2005


by jackysee & 4 others
解決 ROR 的 i18n 問題,但似乎還不夠 Flexible

November 2005

Zaval Java Resource Editor

by night.kame (via)
Editeur tout à fait correct pour synchroniser plusieurs fichiers de traductions au format Java Properties.

October 2005

using gettext to internationalize rails apps

by masukomi & 2 others
i think i'd rather just use multiple files with the region code in the name or some similar scheme

Thought Torrent - Witango, PHP i18n, and duplicate detection

by xeno42 (via)
Speaking of templating, I was thinking about how none of the popular PHP templating systems handle internationalization or localization well.

Proposal for Implementing Unicode in PHP - - Steven Wittens

by xeno42
Right now, the message from the PHP developers seems to be that "PHP supports Unicode, but some assembly is required". In fact, it is a lot worse. Please, read on.

September 2005

July 2005

Popular International Flickr Tags and Photos

by nhoizey (via) maintains a page of the most popular tags, but the list is mainly in english, so I decided to see if i could find a list of the most popular international tags, by translating the most popular tags in english into other languages to see whether those tags were just as popular in the various languages that supports, heres the result of my investigation so far, its still a work in progress, the tags need to be sorted in the correct order and i am going to provide a count of photos listed with each tag

May 2005

Introduction to i18n

by gygyuu
国際化 = internationalization = i18n

March 2005

Dictionary Translation Japanese/Chinese/Korean/Kanji/Hanzi

by mbertier & 6 others
This service enables surfing the web with pop-up hints to aid understanding of foreign language documents and web sites. feat. BOOKMARKLETS :)

Sam Ruby: Yahoo Search and Iñtërnâtiônàlizætiøn

by François Hodierne
mark title is a proof that has a good i18n handling :)

February 2005

January 2005

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