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by simon_bricolo
a collaborative, web-based software translation tool



PHP Bugs: #17079: setlocale changes the internal representation of floats

by night.kame, 2 comments

The system uses Oracle for persistence, where the decimal separator is a comma, as is a custom in that country. So numbers came in from Oracle, and then PHP was unable to process them correctly. For example, if a client had a debt of 25,12€, and the client paid 5€, then the comparison ($paid_amount > $debt) said incorrectly that the paid amount was more than the debt. Result: hundreds of wasted man-hours. In the end we recompiled PHP without that "fix".

Oui, chez Zend aussi on aime faire de la grosse daube.


Projects: Transliteration Extension - Derick Rethans

by mbertier (via)
This extension allows you to transliterate text in non-latin characters (such as Chinese, Cyrillic, Greek etc) to latin characters. Besides the transliteration the extension also contains filters to upper- and lowercase latin, cyrillic and greek, and perform special forms of transliteration such as converting ligatures such as the Norwegian "æ" to "ae" and normalizing punctuation and spacing.

®¤©: documents: php and unicode

by nhoizey
Some would say PHP has little or no Unicode support, and they'd be right. But I refer you back to the first item on our absolute minimum list. It's all just integers, and PHP has plenty of support for integers, so we can work around this problem.

Website Localizations and Multi-language Support

by clochix
Some techniques of using custom language "packs" and language markers in database to provide automatic different translations of the website.


SitePoint Blogs » PHP UTF-8 0.1

by Ganf & 4 others (via)
Bibliothèque pour le traitement UTF-8 sous php


Smarty Gettext - SmartyWiki

by xeno42 & 1 other (via)
smarty-gettext provides gettext support for Smarty, the popular PHP templating engine (

Nothing But Words » Blog Archive » Converting Web Applications to UTF-8

by xeno42
An Overview of UTF-8 in PHP, Smarty, Oracle, and Apache, with data exports to PDF, RTF, email, and text

Thought Torrent - Witango, PHP i18n, and duplicate detection

by xeno42 (via)
Speaking of templating, I was thinking about how none of the popular PHP templating systems handle internationalization or localization well.

Proposal for Implementing Unicode in PHP - - Steven Wittens

by xeno42
Right now, the message from the PHP developers seems to be that "PHP supports Unicode, but some assembly is required". In fact, it is a lot worse. Please, read on.

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