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12 July 2006

11 July 2006

10 July 2006

Surftrail: Anders Fagerjord's Blog

by jlesage
attractively designed blog tracing the thinkers the author found useful in areas of internet and blog theory, as well as other conceptual pursuits, categorized on the left side of the page

09 July 2006

07 July 2006

Mark Tribe: The Internet as a Space for Art Making

by jlesage
course at Columbia University, spring 2004. many good Internet resources and links.

26 June 2006

by jlesage
a new kind of hypertextual journal, a little confusing to use but interesting

25 June 2006

Digital storytelling links page

by jlesage
many categories beyond simple narration; includes links to tools, examples, narrative and gaming, hypertext

20 June 2006

HyperText Project

by jlesage
The project supports innovative and creative uses of ... blogs, vogs (video blogs), academic hypertext, academic databases, email lists and other network resources.

24 May 2006

by jlesage
see her site "Bubbe's back porch"

Concrete Poetry: Links, Books, Indexes, and Info.

by jlesage
Dec. 05 update; the poem looks like the content, sometimes kinetic