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27 February 2006

Iraq's death squads: On the brink of civil war

by mikepower
Most of the corpses in Baghdad's mortuary show signs of torture and execution. And the Interior Ministry is being blamed.

21 February 2006

The New Yorker: The Memo by Jane Mayer

by mikepower
How an internal effort to ban the abuse and torture of detainees was thwarted.

30 January 2006

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Israel's shooting of young girl highlights international hypocrisy, say Palestinians

by mikepower
Israeli soldiers killed twice as many Palestinians last week alone - both of them children - as the number of Israelis killed by Hamas all last year.

19 January 2006

Independent: Palestinian with Aids barred from Israeli hospital

by mikepower
A Palestinian Aids patient has been denied permission to leave Gaza for treatment in Israel despite warnings by senior Israeli clinicians that the case is urgent.

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