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by Spone
ai2html is an open-source script for Adobe Illustrator that converts your Illustrator documents into html and css.


html2text: THE ASCIINATOR (aka html2txt)

by ghis & 2 others (via)
html2text is a Python script that converts a page of HTML into clean, easy-to-read plain ASCII text. Better yet, that ASCII also happens to be valid Markdown (a text-to-HTML format).



Tentakel to execute commands on multiple Linux or UNIX Servers

by camel
Many times, you want to execute a command not only on one server, but also on several servers. For example, find out * Version of kernel * Version of Apache web server * Update static html or images files on all web servers via rsync * Find out user information, server information, memory usage etc * Security/patch checking tentakel I have already covered how to execute commands on multiple Linux or UNIX servers via shell script. The disadvantage of script is commands do not run in parallel on all servers. However, several tools exist to automate this procedure in parallel. With the help of tool called tentakel, you run distributed command execution. It is a program for executing the same command on many hosts in parallel using ssh (it supports other methods too). Main advantage is you can create several sets of servers according requirements. For example webserver group, mail server group, home servers group etc. The command is executed in parallel on all servers in this group (time saving). By default, every result is printed to stdout (screen). The output format can be defined for each group.

IE WebDeveloper - DOM Inspector, Script Console, Logging messages and HTTP Monitor

by camel
IE WebDeveloper is an add-on for Microsoft Internet Explorer. The rich web debugging toolset allows you to inspect and edit the live HTML DOM and current cascaded styles, evaluate expressions and display error messages, log messages, explore source code of webpage and monitor DHTML Event and HTTP Traffic.


deconcept › SWFObject: Javascript Flash Player detection and embed script

by camel & 34 others
SWFObject is a small Javascript file used for embedding Adobe Flash content. The script can detect the Flash plug-in in all major web browsers (on Mac and PC) and is designed to make embedding Flash movies as easy as possible. It is also very search engine friendly, degrades gracefully, can be used in valid HTML and XHTML 1.0 documents*, and is forward compatible, so it should work for years to come.


by maxxyme & 6 others
TableKit is a collection of HTML table enhancements using the Prototype framework. TableKit currently implements row striping, column sorting, column resizing and cell editing using Ajax.

Footnotes with CSS and Javascript - the final word : CSS . XHTML . Javascript . DOM : Brand Spanking New

by camel & 2 others
ve finally got around to writing the definitive version of the footnotes script I wrote in 2005. There were a number of issues raised that I've resolved in this (probably final) version: * Footnote links accessible from the keyboard * Inline HTML works in footnotes (images, links, emphasis, etc.) * Separate footnote formatting for multiple articles on one page

Le JavaScript non intrusif par l'exemple

by maxxyme & 2 others
Nettoyez vos pages HTML des codes JavaScript, et apprenez à utiliser la puissance du DOM pour créer des évènements stockés dans un fichier externe.

Son et javascript

by kruty & 6 others
Une bibliothèque très utile permettant d'intégrer des fichiers audio à vos pages web via javascript en utilisant le soundLoader de Flash


Ajaxian » Handling Tabs in Textareas

by sunny & 3 others
Permettre d'utiliser la touche dans un textarea ? Problème d'accessibilité en vue mais c'est à réfléchir

Free ASP script: Learn how to display RSS/XML feed using free ASP script on ASP/ASP.NET web-server

by ycc2106
How to display RSS/XML news feed in ASP/ASP.NET using RSS2HTML.ASP script You can download the source code of this example here: See also: * Convert RSS into HTML without RSS/XML knowledge required using RSS2HTML Scout libr


HTMLtoMochiDOM HTML to MochiDOM script - Spike Developer Zone

by roberto (via)
a script that will convert well-formed chunks of html (read valid xml) to javascript code for MochiKit.

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