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by astrochoupe
Règles de développement de Google : HTML, CSS, Javascript, C...


Google Page Speed Online

by astrochoupe & 1 other
Page Speed Online analyzes the content of a web page, then generates suggestions to make that page faster. Reducing page load times can reduce bounce rates and increase conversion rates

by gregg & 1 other
This site provides a collection of schemas, i.e., html tags, that webmasters can use to markup their pages in ways recognized by major search providers. Search engines including Bing, Google and Yahoo! rely on this markup to improve the display of search results, making it easier for people to find the right web pages.


tlfx - Project Hosting on Google Code

by ronpish
Welcome to the Text Layout Framework Extended project. The TLFX library allows you to easily add HTML/CSS rendered content into your Flash applications. This compatibility layer is built on top of the Adobe sponsored open source Text Layout Framework (TLF) project. The intent is to fulfill the promise of HTML rendering while maintaining a cross platform browser experience that we've come to love using Flash.

html5-slides - Project Hosting on Google Code

by ghis (via)
Slide deck of HTML5 features and next generation features of Web Development, including Javascript APIs, HTML tags and CSS. Very useful for presentations as each slide is interactive. Initially meant to show bleeding edge features in Google Chrome although there might be fallback code for other browsers. It has the Chrome Frame tag so it works in IE too. Source code of :

Workout Details | SportyPal

by kemar
SportyPal walking 14,25 km in 02:10:26 - [from]

by kemar
cool ! ♫ [from]

Workout Details | SportyPal

by kemar
SportyPal walking 14,63 km in 02:14:48 - [from]

Workout Details | SportyPal

by kemar
SportyPal walking 20,22 km in 03:13:49 - [from]

Workout Details | SportyPal

by kemar
SportyPal walking 13,12 km in 02:01:35 - [from]

Lol on Twitpic

by kemar
RT @ericreboisson: RT @jfruiz: - Lol [from]


10 outils gratuits pour référenceurs avertis (SEO)

by astrochoupe & 1 other
Suivi des backlinks, du PageRank, des balises meta ou des référeurs, comparaison de mots clés ou d'expressions, indices de visibilité... Les outils pour suivre ses positions dans les moteurs et mieux connaître les sites concurrents sont nombreux. En voici une dizaine particulièrement efficaces.

OMG i can read this ! on Twitpic

by kemar - OMG i can read this ! [from]

evserver - Google Code

by greut

EvServer is a lightweight http server, created especially to host python WSGI applications. Additionally, it supports little known Asynchronous WSGI extension, which was suggested by Christopher Stawarz. Using this extension it's possible to create an output html response in many data chunks, without blocking the main server process while your application waits for external resources.

Comet the WSGI way.


htmlwrapper - Google Code

by camel & 2 others (via)
Wrapper is a cross-browser compliant HTML/CSS rendering engine written in ActionScript that sits on top of your standards compliant HTML page. Wrapper eliminates cross-browser issues and makes integrating ActionScript and HTML/CSS projects possible without needing to compile. Wrappers strives to answer the most common problems web designers face without forcing them to learn too many new things. Most web sites can be created in HTML or CSS, then when you need to extend Wrapper's capabilities you can either use JSON to call functions within ActionScript or you can load compiled plug-ins. Wrapper also has built in methods within CSS to load custom fonts, display elements as any shape, and fill them with linear or radial gradient background colors. ActionScript's event model is also implemented within Wrapper's HTML. Wrapper's best features are the ones that you get for free because of how it is set up. It's like getting all the great features of the Flash Player without needing to deal with compiling and being able to create your content the same way any HTML page would be created. Wrapper is fully accessible to the search engines and integrates well with any back-end technology. Wrapper is currently released as a fully functional open source beta for Flash Player 9. Wrapper is set up as a pre-compiled plug-in but can easily be integrated into any Flex or AIR applications or even as an ActionScript framework for creation of compiled projects.

obtrusivejavascriptchecker - Google Code

by greut & 1 other

Goes through all the HTML code in a web page, and outlines any HTML element with inline events with a red border.

nifty idea (via codepo8)

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