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by cascamorto
Clean up your Web pages with HTML Tidy. Freeware. With Tidy you can optimize your HTML/PHP source very easy. For example, it can optimize HTML pages created with MS Word.

March 2007

Paperless Printer - Overview

by jdrsantos & 2 others
Paperless Printer® is a universal document exchange utility that can be used as a Virtual Printer to publish virtually any document in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Microsoft Word Format (DOC), Microsoft Excel Fo

December 2006

Castapoint: Products - DHTMLSpy for IE DOM Ground ? Free

by cascamorto
This free version of DHTMLSpy is feature rich and not limited. What you get: * Dynamic DOM Viewer * DOM Elements Properties View includes Element Styles * Browser content highlighter with Mouseover * Search engine with Search Results View * Code View shows embedded code

October 2006

Advanced RSS Publisher Personal :: Business::Project Management :: Free Software Download Site

by webzf & 1 other
Advanced RSS Publisher helps you to: download newsfeeds in RSS and XML format, reformat them according to user-defined HTML templates, upload results to website via shared folder or ftp, work with free newsfeeds and articles available for download and red

June 2006

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