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10 December 2005

Animated Atlas: Growth of a Nation

by knann (via)
Engaging presentation illustrates the growth of the US from Post American Revolution through Post Civil War.

14 July 2005

WWII The HomeFront (Great Britain)

by knann This is an investigation into life on the home front during the Second World War. There are seven galleries: preparations for war,evacuation,,bombing of Britain,Empire home front,everyday life,women at war, spies Each gallery is broken into various topics with sources and questions. The visual material is accessible to all pupils with or without teacher input. There are worksheets, timelines and a glossary. There is also a diary facility so pupils can save, edit and access their work directly from the net. The gallery contains a video archive using clips from the Imperial War Museum on many of the topics. Some galleries have additional activities to play: Lights Out; Escape the Blitz; Shelter from the Blitz; Empire Home Front; Shopping in the War; Spy Catcher. More resources available from Great Britain's National Archive.

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