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08 September 2007 18:30

NOAA Ocean Explorer

by knann
Find multimedia resources such as video, podcasts, photos and over 240 lesson plans for grades 5-12.

22 May 2007 10:30

Chemistry Powerpoints

by knann
Free powerpoints to download for chemistry teachers

Biology Powerpoints

by knann
Free biology powerpoints to download for science teachers

18 March 2007 00:15

Exploratorium Digital Library: Browse by Topic

by knann
The Learning Resource Collection Digital Library contains the following: * Images, video, audio, Web interactives and articles * Hands-on activities * Exhibit descriptions to help plan field trips * Teaching tips * Correlations to national and state curriculum standards

05 November 2006 12:00

The Breathing Earth

by knann & 17 others
Online simulation showing the birth, death rates, and effects of carbon dioxide emissions by various countries. Great for classroom discussions.

18 November 2005 11:30

ScienceMystery:Info for Teachers

by knann
Nine engaging, interactive science mysteries combining logical thinking and problem solving.Mysteries span grades 5-12. Have a look!

21 July 2005 11:00

Becoming Human

by knann & 3 others
Extraordinary interactive documentary that tells the story of our origins. Journey through 4 million years of human evoltion with anthropologist, Don Johnason Several lesson plans related to evolution that may be appropriate for middle school.

14 July 2005 15:45

Virtual Laboratory

by knann
Collection of Physics, Astronomy, and Environmental Science. Appropritate for high school, college, and gr8 Physical Science units.

Java Applets on Physics

by knann
Many interactive physics applets that demonstrate various concepts. Appropriate for HS and college. Some applets useful for grade 8 Physical Science units.

Physics Free Fall

by knann
This is a simple but effective applet that allows students to measure free fall times and average velocities as a function of distance.

14 July 2005 13:30

Animal Diversity Web

by knann & 2 others
Animal Diversity Web (ADW) is an online database of animal natural history, distribution, classification, and conservation biology at the University of Michigan

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