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microObservatory Guest Observer Portal

by knann (via)
Welcome to the MicroObservatory online telescope network. You can now explore the universe using working telescopes that YOU control via the Internet free of charge, and have access to your image within 48 hours! Each of our easy-to-follow activities allows you to investigate different aspects of the universe just like a professional astronomer. You select your target, choose exposure times or filters, then sit back and hope for clear skies! To start, click on an activity below.


ASPIRE - Lessons

by knann
Interactive astronomy and physics lessons and labs. Great for differentiation.

HubbleSite: Black Holes: Gravity's Relentless Pull

by knann (via)
Outstanding site for understanding Black Holes. Take a journey to the edges of the universe, conduct experiments, browse the Black Hole Encyclopedia...

Planet 10

by knann (via)
Fascinating virtual solar system explorer and world builder. Teaching resources available at the bottom of this page:

Stanford SOLAR Center -- Comparison Activities

by knann
This activity helps students understand the enormity of the the sun's size, temperature, and distance by using comparisons. Appropriate for middle school as a whole class tool and to high school students independently.

NASA Sun Earth Media Viewer: Live Solar Images

by knann
Another amazing site from NASA. Aside from live images and illustrations, interviews from NASA scientists answer questions related to the Sun in a movie format.


Virtual Laboratory

by knann
Collection of Physics, Astronomy, and Environmental Science. Appropritate for high school, college, and gr8 Physical Science units.

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