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UTF-8 Setup Mini HOWTO

by sylvainulg (via)
evaluating (require 'un-define) (set-coding-priority-list '(utf-8)) (set-coding-category-system 'utf-8 'utf-8) in the scratch buffer before opening the UTF-8 document was sufficient. RAW documents remained RAW, afaik.

Internationalisation Gotchas — Internationalisation Tips

by Spone
The amount of work required to internationalise a website is woefully underestimated, and sometimes, the codebase is compromised to the extent that many features or capabilities are impossible to deliver with the existing code. In many cases, complete ground-up rewrites are needed to separate cleanly the business logic from the localisation requirements of countries. Mostly this requires developers and engineers of platforms to be aware of the internationalisation implications of their implementation choices. What may seem like an engineering best practice could very well be a massive barrier for localising sites to various countries.


®¤©: documents: php and unicode

by nhoizey
Some would say PHP has little or no Unicode support, and they'd be right. But I refer you back to the first item on our absolute minimum list. It's all just integers, and PHP has plenty of support for integers, so we can work around this problem.


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