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January 2006

December 2005

Securing and Hardening Linux Production Systems

by samyboy & 5 others (via)
A Practical Guide to Basic Security in Linux Production Environments (Linux Security Cookbook / HOWTO / Guide)

Protection: Configurer ProtoWall et BlockList Manager pour être enfin tranquille !

by cascamorto
Si vous ne connaissez pas ProtoWall et/ou BlockList Manager ou si vous ne savez quoi à quoi ils servent, ou encore si suite à nos conseils vous avez tenté de les installer mais que vous avez eu une alerte "IANA machinchose blabla" et que vous n'arriviez plus à vous connecter, cet article est fait pour vous. Si vous faites du peer to peer (eMule, BitTorrent et compagnie), je vous conseille également de le lire. - Hacking Illustrated

by cascamorto & 1 other
In this section I'll be posting AVIs and Flash files that show step by step how to execute various exploits or use certain tools. Since most of these videos are 640x480 it would be best if you use a screen resolution that is 1024x768 or better. If you have any requests or comments please let me know. If you want to know how I make these video see the page titled: How I Make The Hacking Illustrated Videos

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February 2005

How-to: Protect Your Wireless LAN ■ Maximum PC

by wyliej
Add RAID drivers and Service Pack 2 to your original Windows CD!

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