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June 2006

May 2006

Blab List - Vote Spy

by slogoo & 5 others
Blab List可以让你轻松的创建调查问卷,并发布到你的Blog上,不过不支持中文。

April 2006

Stromcode - AJAX: Building a Spy

by dcancel & 1 other
I like Digg Spy. Lately I've been really interested in the idea of exposing the inner workings of a site to its visitors, and to that end I've added three new AJAX powered pages to Glowfoto: Glowfoto Spy, Watch Glowfoto and the Referer Cloud. Have a look

March 2006

Web Design From Scratch

by sk8ter82 & 3 others
'Web Design from Scratch' aims to be a complete guide to web design for eveyone interested in creating effective web pages.

OpenWeb Group

by sk8ter82 & 6 others
Un site référence ! De nombreux tutoriaux sur les standards du web. XHTML, CSS, RSS, DOM, PNG, accessibilité... LE site à consulter pour apprendre et être tenu informé sur les standards du web et le webdesign.

by sk8ter82 & 1 other (via)
Ajax Autocomplete With Scriptaculous

Using prototype.js v1.3.1

by onizuka & 55 others (via)
This amazingly well thought and well written piece of standards-compliant code takes a lot of the burden associated with creating rich, highly interactive web pages that characterize the Web 2.0 off your back.

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