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Subversion Working Copy Downgrade « The Telarah Times

by claire_
If you jump from one distribution to another and then back to an older version one of the gotcha’s can be that later versions on newer distro’s can change your Subversion Working Copy repository data so it’s unaccessible from the older distro.

Creating Custom CCK Fields | Lullabot

by claire_
You can create custom CCK fields, widgets, and formatters for any situation, but it can be hard to see how to do it.

Drupal 6 jQuery in Under 5 Minutes

by claire_
three major things you need to master with jQuery


Reading and Writing Spreadsheets with PHP

by claire_ & 1 other
In this article, I'll introduce you to two packages that make it surprisingly easy to hook your PHP scripts up to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and extract the data contained therein. I'll also show you how to dynamically create a new spreadsheet from scr

Automated security updates in Debian « N0T a Blog

by mbertier & 3 others (via)
Subscribing to the security mailing lists is a must for every sysadmin, but who has the stamina and the determination to actually read them, and then analyze the impact of both the threat and the proposed fix? A more casual user with no life-or-death-critical servers would happily settle for a solution that would download and install the security patches automatically. As always in Linux, there is more than one way of achieving this. cron-apt works for me.

sfZendPlugin Alternative to Installing the Zend Framework | MirthLab

by mbertier & 1 other (via)
I often use the Zend Framework from within my Symfony applications and until recently, I’ve been using the sfZendPlugin to import and autoload the library. You’ll notice that this plugin has recently been axed leaving some people confused as to how to use the library in their projects.


Learning jQuery » A Plugin Development Pattern

by nhoizey & 3 others
This article shares the pattern that I've found especially useful for plugin authoring. It assumes you already have an understanding of plugin development for jQuery; if you're a novice plugin author, please review the jQuery Authoring Guidelines first.

Symfony Plugins - A five minute primer

by mbertier
So this was really just a quick preview, but the patterns and structures shown above basically set the rules on how plugins work across the board.

How to make deb packages

by mbertier & 1 other (via)
This detailed how-to shows all the necessary components of a package and how to put them together to end up with a final product.

JavaScript Animation Using jQuery - SitePoint Design View

by nhoizey
Voici comment réaliser de très sympatiques animations de pages de livre qui tournent avec quelques images et jQuery

Presentation Zen: Gates, Jobs, & the Zen aesthetic

by nhoizey
Une excellente comparaison des styles de présentation de Bill Gates et Steve Jobs, avec un clair avantage pour la simplicité du second


Recommended PHP reading list

by nhoizey & 2 others (via)
Learn about PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) with this reading list compiled for programmers and administrators by IBM Web application developers.

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