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Wired LivingHome

by springnet
Wired Living Home made from cargo containers $4 milliion is not exactly our budget though... exclusive LA enclave

Building a Container House

by springnet
We're starting a container sales company and container home builder in Austin Texas so we're looking for inspirational websites like this one by Bob Vila. are our sites but they need content!


:: Mikey Sklar :: Electric Clothing ::

by springnet
Old Mobile Goes Green by vloggers Jay and Ryan of ryanishungry. Wendy and myself discussing how we converted a 40 year old trailer to our home.


by springnet
Doris also has a wonderful floor plan with possibly the greatest kitchen in the world - made so by the overhead door out to the patio. It incorporates a screen that can be rolled down when the door is up to keep bugs out while letting breezes flow. Perfec

Party's Over: Inflation, the economy and the housing market

by brianwaustin
What does the hedge fund implosion mean for the broader economy? Is it a sign of recession or just another drop in the bucket?

Seattle Housing Authority

by bl5189e0 & 2 others
Information About The Housing Authority. Pictures, News And A Lot More.


UltraServer.ORG - WEB-hosting | Server | Domain

by webzf & 1 other
We offer to firms and private persons a professional and advantageous internet

Shasta County Real Estate

by jewels
Shasta County is located at the northernmost end of California's Sacramento Valley, known for its colorful past, many natural wonders and abundance of outdoor recreational entertainment. Get MLS listings and neighborhood information from realtors in the area. Find the right property for you and your family.

West Los Angeles Real Estate

by jewels
The variety of real estate in West Los Angeles is similar to the people of Los Angeles and their style of living. You can find a loft at one of the beach communities, an apartment or a multimillion dollar home. Whatever your need, get help in obtaining neighborhood information or MLS listing for this area from devoted real estate professionals in the area.

Modesto Real Estate For Sale

by woodclaver
Modesto real estate has never been in such demand. Take the plunge and find assistance in obtaining the home of your choice throough MLS listing and professional real estate assistance in this area.

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