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Super Stacker

by fastclemmy
Tricky balance game, and so cute!

Defender of the Favicon

by fastclemmy & 3 others
DEFENDER of the favicon is a JavaScript remake of Eugene Jarvis' brilliant arcade game Defender written by Mathieu 'p01' Henri and inspired by Scott Schiller's experiment with generated favicons VU meter. The idea was to push the concept of generated favicons further and pack a thrilling retro shooter in 16×16 pixels using JavaScript, canvas and data: URIs.

Dogfight: The Great War

by fastclemmy & 4 others
Reminds me of Crimson Skies...

YouTube - Crayon Physics Deluxe

by fastclemmy & 1 other
Tablet + stencil + physics = AWESOME GAME DEMO!!!



by fastclemmy
Thanks for customizing the hot keys!


by fastclemmy
Slightly similar to Sokoban.

YouTube - programa tetris japoneses

by fastclemmy
Did I already say those japanese were crazy?


by fastclemmy
Fast, smooth, responsive, awesome flash game.



by fastclemmy & 1 other
Defend your base. Awesome addictive Flash game!

Scribble - Nitrome

by fastclemmy & 1 other
A lemmings-like game where you have to draw lines to help your dummies to avoid trouble.

Draw Play

by fastclemmy & 1 other
Draw your platform and reach the flag!

String Avoider

by fastclemmy & 1 other
Highly unrecommended for Parkinson players!

Line Rider beta by ~fsk

by fastclemmy & 9 others
Entertaining Flash experiment: draw a line and play!

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