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The Holocaust - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

by lukeslytalker
The Holocaust (from the Greek holókauston from olon "completely" and kauston "burnt"), also known as Ha-Shoah Churben (Yiddish: חורבן), is the term generally used to describe the killing of approximately six million European Jews during World War I

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Israel News Agency Hijacks Google to suppress 'Iran Holocaust Cartoons'

by sabbah
INA has secured Olympic gold in its quest to outrank any and all Arab and Islam Websites as when one searches for the key words: “iran holocaust cartoons” the Israel News Agency has secured a Google first place ranking. So, since I’m an Arab/Muslim, regardless of what I say and advocate for, I’m outranked. Thanks to INA, SEO and Google!!!

January 2006

Turks haven’t learned the British way of denying atrocities -DAWN - International; December 28, 2005

by malua (via)
Well, here we are, talking about what everybody tries to ignore. Or are they just not interested? Or is it that we receive too much information? Or is it that all the crap information we process takes the space of these important things? Go figure...

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