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November 2009

August 2009

Heroes Of Might And Magic Kingdoms - Jeu en ligne gratuit par navigateur

by parmentierf
Heroes Kingdoms arrive ! Nous sommes en train de régler les derniers détails pour ouvrir le beta test publique dans votre pays. Il devrait démarrer dans les prochains jours. Nous vous contacterons quand le beta test publique sera prêt à être lancé dans votre pays.

October 2008

Heroes of Wesnoth

by parmentierf
Today I started programming Heroes of Wesnoth, a free game under the GNU General Public License similar to Heroes of Might & Magic but with the graphics of the Battle for Wesoth project.

September 2008

About the game. Heroes of War and Money - free online game | flash game, real time strategy online. Heroes of War And Money

by parmentierf
Heroes of War and Money" appeared in May 2008. Created by a group of people, fascinated with HMM-style world of fantasy and adventure, the game has now grown. People from all over the planet become part of a breathtaking and intriguing world of ancient creatures and heroes. We hope that this free gamewould allow you to dip into the magic and might atmosphere again and again. In course of developing your character, you can participate in single, multiplayer, and soon enough even clan fights. For strategy & economy fans, there is a vast economic model available. Be it a short pause between fight or a complete dedication to the merchant's career, you will be able to quarry and machine dozens of resources types, produce and trade hundreds of artifacts. The game is supported by all modern browsers (Mozilla Firefox is recommended). Usage of newest Flash technologies allows creating most impressing battles without installing any additional files or clients on your computer. Due to that the game requirements for your PC's characteristics and your Internet connection are minimal. Those who use dial-up and GPRS connections will be pleased to know that the game consumes a low amount of traffic. For more information, select a desired section of the game reference from the menu on the left. Please also feel free to ask anything you wonder about at the forum or in the chat.

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