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Blefaroplastia Madrid precio

by asteri
blefaroplastia en madrid al mejor precio con Medprivé

precio rinoplastia

by asteri
mejor precio de rinoplastia en barcelona en medprive


Doctoralia Netherlands

by asteri
doctors and medical centers in netherlands

Better Choices, Better Life

by personmark
Always wondered how you could live a healthy life? Here are the best life saving tips on how to improve the quality of your life! Everything you need to know about health and happiness is included in this special report: Reduce stress to feel happier and healthier How to feel younger How to look younger How to live a long and healthy life by eating healthier How to keep your skin young looking Eliminate negativity from your life to be happier and healthier How positive energy affects you Self help tools you can use right away Stress reducers to be happier and healthier The link between exercise and health Learn to recognize and target stress How to live longer How HGH affects you Age defying concealments Melatonin and why you need it And much,much more! Even if you believe you are currently healthy, there is something important to learn in this report on how to achieve maximum health and happiness. I show you the tools, tips and strategies you need to balance health and happiness You won’t want to miss out on this! I am so confident that you wil

[護膚] 暗瘡位置告訴你哪裡生病了!請留意!!!

by blackgoldfish
唇周暗瘡VS腸: 便秘或者腸熱、吃了太多辛辣、油炸食物是嘴唇周圍長暗瘡的原因,當然,如果使用含氟過多的牙膏也會刺激長暗瘡。 長效建議:舒腸助排毒 (便秘導致體內毒素累積,或是使用含氟過量的牙膏。 應多吃高纖維的蔬菜水果,調整飲食習慣。 若長在人中部位,則可能是泌尿與生殖系統問題,女性可能會有白帶問題,男性則常出現頻尿,一定要就醫治療。 ) 服用一次輕瀉劑幫助緩解症狀,可以配合腹部按摩幫助排出宿便。連吃幾天富含纖維的食物疏通腸道,問題就迎刃而解。 腮邊頰暗瘡VS淋巴迴圈: 長期肝臟負擔加重後,會在耳際、脖子和臉交界處產生暗瘡,反復爆發在同一位置,上升為淋巴迴圈不暢。 長效建議:促使肝膽排毒。不可勞累,飽飲飽食,適度增加睡眠時間,讓大量供應到大腦、腸胃的血液有充分時間供應肝膽排毒。特別要減少睡前飲食的習慣,不加 重腸胃負擔。 三角區長痘: 表示可能有胃腸不適,甚至長期便秘。如果長期嗜食辛辣、油膩或嗜酒,就會導致胃腸蘊熱。 中醫理論認為,如果經常吃一些熱性食物,胃腸道中就容易積有熱邪,從而造成胃腸不通暢,傳輸功能受阻,不僅會引發消化不良、口幹、口臭、便秘等問題,而且 還容易在鼻頭、唇周及三角區周圍出現痘痘。據統計,有20%左右的便秘病人會在口角四周長痘,另外有胃病的患者也容易在口唇周圍冒出一些痘痘來,尤其是喜 甜食、偏食及不愛吃蔬菜的人。這類情況的降火應注重護腸養胃。 對於腸胃不好的人,中醫通常會建議他養成定時排便的習慣,並每天晨起即喝杯淡鹽水,早餐再喝杯牛奶,促使大腸菌產生乳酸,促進腸蠕動。另外,腦力工作者的 午餐不要吃得太飽,晚餐宜吃得清淡一些。每餐餐後吃1個蘋果,平時宜多吃菠菜、胡蘿蔔、番茄、胚芽米、橘子、地瓜等食物,多喝水,記住每天要喝足夠的 水。 如果長期嗜食辛辣、油膩或嗜酒,就會導致胃腸蘊熱。中醫理論認為,如果經常吃一些熱性食物,胃腸道中就容易積有熱邪,從而造成胃腸不通暢,傳輸功能受阻, 不僅會引發消化不良、口幹、口臭、便秘等問題,而且還容易在鼻頭、唇周及三角區周圍出現痘痘。據統計,有20%左右的便秘病人會在口角四周長痘。 有胃病的患者也容易在口唇周圍冒出一些痘痘來,尤其是喜甜食、偏食及不愛吃蔬菜的人。這類情況的降火應注重護腸養胃。對於腸胃不好的人,中醫通常會建議他 養成定時排便的習慣,並每天晨起即喝杯淡鹽水,早餐再喝杯牛奶,促使大腸菌產生乳酸,促進腸蠕動。 另外,腦力工作者的午餐不要吃得太飽,晚餐宜吃得清淡一些。每餐餐後吃1個蘋果,平時宜多吃菠菜、胡蘿蔔、番茄、胚芽米、橘子、地瓜等食物,多喝水,記 住每天要喝足夠的水。


Review of Fingertip Pulse Oximeters

by cryogenius (via)
There are many different fingertip oximeters available and all perform the same basic function. Some pulse oximeters are more portable, some are more accurate and others are very rugged. So if you are looking at buying a fingertip oximeter, check out the reviews below and hopefully they will help you decide which model of oximeter is right for you.

Can Exercise Be Fun? - Review of the Wii Fit

by cryogenius (via)
I've known about the introduction of the Wii Fit game for some time now, and as I am already in the middle of a fitness campaign, it seemed ideal - a game that not only was fun and could be done indoors, but also has an impact on my health seemed to good to be true.

Mordicus - Dental patient education software

by benoit.brochier
Mordicus is a patient education online software for dentist clinic allowing the presentation of 53 dental treatment plans in a popular style with 3d animation, photos and videos.

Shedding Bikes: Programming Culture And Philosophy

by ghis (via)
How to avoid some commom programmer health problems by making some good sense actions.

E-One, l'épilateur personnel disponible avec un CE médical

by demental
L'épilateur IPL (épilation par lumière pulsée) est Le 1er et le seul appareil médical d’épilation au monde disponible pour une utilisation personnelle à la maison / The one and only hair removing device with a medical certification for a personal use at home.

Doctoralia Austria

by asteri
Directory of medical doctors, clinics and hospitals in Austria



by sbrothier
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