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January 2008

Slashdot | The Doctor Will See Your Credit Score Now

by mbertier (via)
The project, dubbed "MedFICO" in some early press reports, will aid hospitals in assessing a patient's ability to pay their medical bills

Patrick Timpone

by springnet
new age talk show host on KLBJ Austin, healthy living for a healthy planet

December 2007


by stormer
Video site about diabetes and some people who suffer from it. » How I Do

by anbll (via)
considerations on building a relationship with someone "suffering from a mental illness". = depression...

Secrets About Yeast Infection Cure Information

by josephsant
Great article about the difference between chemical and natural products to treat yeast infection. Natural products have great result in the treatment of yeast infection like vaginitis, oral thrush, nail infection and athlete foot without toxic side effect. This remedies is secure and cure the root of the problems not only the symptoms of the yeast infection.

November 2007

Asthma Bronchitis

by ames4god & 3 others, 1 comment
One of the symptoms of asthma bronchitis is a tense cough that might or might not be associated with by mucous production. Given that the archetypal asthma cough is normally a dry and non-productive cough, if you have asthma and initiate coughing up mucous or sputum you should contact your physician.

October 2007

Le : La diabolisation du préservatif freine la lutte contre le sida

by mbertier (via)
L'Eglise catholique, restée très influente en Amérique latine en dépit de la montée en puissance des Eglises évangéliques, s'oppose à toute forme de contraception et prône l'abstinence pour se protéger du sida.

Preventing Kidney Stones

by firearmspedia
What causes kidney stones to form? How can kidney stones be prevented?