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Can Exercise Be Fun? - Review of the Wii Fit

by cryogenius (via)
I've known about the introduction of the Wii Fit game for some time now, and as I am already in the middle of a fitness campaign, it seemed ideal - a game that not only was fun and could be done indoors, but also has an impact on my health seemed to good to be true.


Exercise & Fitness

by ashwinichaganty
Swimming, cycling, jogging, skiing, aerobic dancing, walking or any of dozens of other activities can help your heart. Whether it is a structured exercise

ExRx Exercise & Muscle Directory

by ashwinichaganty
ExRx Exercise & Muscle Directory. Muscles. Adductors · Biceps Brachii · Brachialis ... Search Store or Exercises | Book & Video Store | Software Solutions


Antiaging Nutritional Plan Makes You 10 Years Younger

by mybm
A well-rounded nutritional formula consists of three things that should be no surprise to anyone. They are exercise, healthy diet and a set of vitamins and supplements to round out your plan.

The power of Yoga - Exercises for everyone

by bhakans
Mystified about yoga? This will demystify it for you so you can start a healthier life.

The Health and Fitness Tip: Don't Be Afraid of Your Fridge

by match
The Health and Fitness Tip: Don't Be Afraid of Your Fridge


DHEA for Antiaging

by stephensmith
Live to 150? Increase libido? Have a sleek, sexy body no matter your age? DHEA may be able to do all these things and more. This is the most comprehensive informational site on this "fountain of youth in a pill."

Fitness and Health Information Resource

by studio814 (via)
Free tips on Fitness Training, Weight Loss, Healthy Living & Family's Health. Updated on daily basis.

Cool Running :: The Couch-to-5K Running Plan

by Hydragon & 3 others
Too many people have been turned off of running simply by trying to start off too fast. Their bodies rebel, and they wind up miserable, wondering why anyone would possibly want to do this to themselves.


Cool Running :: The Couch-to-5K Running Plan

by isolabig & 3 others
Our beginner`s running schedule has helped thousands of new runners get off the couch and onto the roads, running 3 miles in just two months.


by sharifl
water relaxation drills

dj steveboy - mixes

by sharifl & 1 other
free downloads to go running to .. by BPM.

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