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November 2009

Beachtek | DXA-5D Dual XLR Adapter for DSLR Video | DXA-5D | B&H

by sbrothier
Originally designed for the Canon 5D Mark II, Beachtek's DXA-5D two-channel XLR adapter lets you input professional-quality audio into your digital SLR when shooting video. Mounted beneath your camera or on a tripod, the DXA-5D plugs into the 3.5" mic jack on such cameras as the 5D Nikon D300s and Panasonic DMC-GH1.

iDC Photo Store - Specialty gear for the photographer

by sbrothier
Our unique iDC Viewfinder package is a a sturdy all-aluminm bracket complete with a brand new Hoodman loupe. No flimsy glue and Velcro attachments here! The iDC Viewfinder is currently available for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, the Canon EOS 7D, and the Nikon D300s.

EOS Documentation Project- Manuals

by sbrothier (via)
"What's wrong with manufacturer manuals?" "They seem like they're written by people who have never used the equipment for more than a day."

[Topic unique M42] Objectif, bague, stigomètre... - EOS-Numerique

by sbrothier
A la demande de plusieurs personnes et avec l'accord bien entendu de Baylyns, voici un Topic sur les bagues M42 et les objectifs anciens.

Bagues M42 -

by sbrothier
Depuis la démocratisation des reflex numériques nous assistons au retour des objectifs M42. Nous ne parlerons pas ici de ces objectifs de qualité très variable mais des bagues qui permettent leur adaptation (sur canon eos dans notre cas).

October 2009

Canon EOS 5D Mark II Firmware

by sbrothier
Due in early 2010, Canon are set to release a Firmware update for the Canon EOS Mark II which will enable the recording of high definition video at 24 and 25fps after Canon received feedback from both photographers and cinematographers. The update is expected to be released in early 2010.

September 2009

Stanford “Frankencamera” project aims to create an open source imaging platform

by sbrothier
It is, however, a fun idea to play with. The camera really is enough of a specialized platform that it could be one of the few devices that doesn’t succumb to convergence over the next decade (I don’t share TechCrunch’s optimism about phone cameras). Every other device we interact with is getting smarter, so why not the camera? Sure, you’ve got smile shutter and 100 scene modes and all those features we don’t want or need, but that’s not smart. It’s convenient, and barely that. And you’ve got HD movie mode now — great, but while admittedly the resolution is slightly higher now, my 2MP Sony was doing movies in 2001.

Stanford’s Open Source Camera Project

by sbrothier & 1 other
The web is abuzz over a project over at Stanford that aims to revolutionize how we think about photography by building an open source camera (dubbed Frankencamera). That’s right… Open. Source. Camera. While you try to wrap your mind around this new paradigm, I’ll point out of a few of the important aspects of the project and throw in some of my thoughts on it.

August 2009


by JJL (via)
il rassemble tous les ports, disques durs, ram, connecteurs, sockets…etc qu’on peut trouver dans nos ordinateurs… Ainsi vous ne serez plus jamais pris au dépourvu devant un connecteur que vous n’avez jamais vu. A conserver accroché au mur pour tous les fanas de hardware, en guise de memento.

July 2009

June 2009

Unknown Device Identifier 6.01

by nachilau & 1 other
Unknown Device Identifier enables you to identify the yellow question mark labeled Unknown Devices in Device Manager. And reports you a detailed summary for the manufacturer name, OEM name, device type, device model and even the exact name of the unknown devices. With the collected information, you might contact your hardware manufacturer for support or search the Internet for the corresponding driver with a simple click. With this utility, you might immediately convert your unidentified unknown devices into identified known devices and find proper driver on the Internet and contact the hardware device manufacturer or vender. Known devices recognized by Microsoft Windows will also be analyzed independent of the operating system.

The PCI ID Repository

by nachilau
Source forge data base for PCI ID Repository

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