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May 2010

Build an HDR robot

by sbrothier
Students studying the Graduate Diploma of Advanced 3D Production course from New Zealand's (Auckland) Media Design School have built a robot which allows a DSLR camera to take 360 degree panoramic HDRIs. In 3D packages these images are shown to effectively simulate realistic settings and lighting effects.

Open Camera Controller Introduction

by sbrothier & 2 others, 1 comment
The OCC project arose from our need to shoot HDR images for film production using Canon cameras. Canon has stubbornly chosen to stick to its standard 3-shot method for bracketing shots - one metered shot and two additional shots one or two stops above and below the metered shot. For texture shooting, it is sometimes necessary to shoot 5,7,9 or even 11 or more stops of bracketing around the metered exposure. We’ve since found that the OCC system can work with other brands like Olympus and Sigma cameras.

Origen AE Technology - M10 HTPC Enclosure

by nicolargo
Un bien beau boitier pour faire son propre serveur multimédia

April 2010

Hands On: 17″ i7 MacBook Pro | Cult of Mac

by sbrothier
After one of the longest waits in the Intel era, the MacBook Pros were updated Tuesday complete with a migration to the new Intel i5 and i7 architecture. In addition to the CPU update these new top-end notebooks feature better battery life, and the ability to switch from integrated to high performance graphics on the fly. We here at the Cult managed to get our hands on one of the top-dog 17 inch i7 models on Wednesday have have been putting it though it’s paces.

V-USB - A Firmware-Only USB Driver for Atmel AVR Microcontrollers

by JJL (via)
V-USB is a software-only implementation of a low-speed USB device for Atmel’s AVR® microcontrollers, making it possible to build USB hardware with almost any AVR® microcontroller, not requiring any additional chip. pleins d'exemples !

March 2010

the IMPOSSIBLE project

by sbrothier & 4 others
THE IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT PROUDLY PRESENTS Its first, brand new Instant Film for traditional Polaroid Cameras. To learn more, watch the video below and sign up for our newsletter - sales will start March 25.

Wall of sound

by sbrothier
It's the most powerful iPod speaker on the market!

Little Horn Speakers - Custom Audio Horn Speakers made by Specimen Products

by sbrothier
These horns turn the audio world upside down. They posses a life-like soundstage unlike anything ever heard. With the Little Horn Speakers, the soundstage gets bigger, the instruments spread apart, the stage unfolds.

Microvision SHOWWX™ Laser Pico Projector

by sbrothier
The world first laser Pico Projector lets you turn up the visual volume on your photos, movies, presentations and more...

NOKTOR - Ultra Fast Lenses - Products

by sbrothier
With a maximum aperture of F0.95, the Noktor Hyperprime is the fastest lens designed for Micro Four Thirds cameras. At open aperture, the lens renders pictures and video with extreme shallow depth of field for a dreamy and unique aesthetic.

ikea hacker: Ivar loves Dolly

by sbrothier (via)
Lights, camera, Ikea hack! Romain turns the Ivar side unit into rails for the cam. "A few days ago, I found out that the Ivar "wooden ladder" was perfect to use it as rails for my cinema dolly! I can now make some nice sequence shots with this 18€ accessory from Ikea."

Dan Saelinger Photography » Build Your Own Dolly

by sbrothier & 1 other, 1 comment (via)
As mentioned on numerous posts, like every other photographer these days I’m making the leap into video. While equipment is relatively affordable things can quickly add up especially when you start getting into the numerous needed accessories. I knew a dolly was going to be a necessary purchase pretty early on and I had been eyeing the great kit offered at Microdolly, but at around 2000.00 it was a bit more than I wanted invest this early on.

February 2010


by sbrothier
RAIL ROLL 22/42 POUR PORTE COULISSANTE Zoom + de photos RAIL ROLL 22/42 POUR PORTE COULISSANTE KLEIN DESCRIPTIF PRODUIT Longueur : 3 000 mm. Rail de guidage à encastrer pour porte charge 22 et 42 kg maxi. Rail identique pour le haut et le bas.

ROTATION - CLIP TOP - OUVERTURE 107° - Quincaillerie

by sbrothier
CLIP TOP - OUVERTURE 107° POUR PORTE ENCASTREE C = 16 MM BLUM DESCRIPTIF PRODUIT Diamètre de perçage : 35 mm. Fermeture automatique avec ressort. Montage et démontage sans outil de la porte sur le corps de meuble. Entraxe : 45 mm.


by sbrothier, 3 comments
Système Touch Release pousser sur l'avant du tiroir pour ouvrir ou fermer. Système de maintien en position fermée. Épaisseur de glissière : 12,7 mm. Déconnexion frontale. Point dur en position fermée. Matériau : acier. Finition : zingué noir.


by gregg & 2 others
The ultimate internet experience, 12,1 inch, touch navigation, support flash, full hd video, 1,1kg,


by sbrothier & 2 others
The ultimate internet experience, 12,1 inch, touch navigation, support flash, full hd video, 1,1kg,

January 2010

Introducing Jawbone PRIME ™ - The Best Jawbone Headset ever created

by sbrothier
Aliph makes personal technology comfortable, usable, and beautiful. The flagship product, the award-winning Jawbone Bluetooth headset with NoiseAssassin™ technology set a new standard for mobile voice quality. Unmatched in the industry, Aliph's NoiseAssassin technology was originally perfected with DARPA for battlefield applications. It eliminates background noise and provides unparalleled call clarity in all environments. Since its launch in December 2006, the Jawbone headset has been widely recognized as the best Bluetooth headset in the marketplace and is a top seller at Apple, AT&T, Best Buy, Verizon, and Carphone Warehouse retail stores.

December 2009

Max Aab - Rahmen aus Holz

by sbrothier
Quality is Max-Aab's principle: Excellent interchangeable wooden and exotic wood frames. Individual choice of frames in 4 different profiles and 12 different colours. Custom-made passepartouts and hanging systems. Fair prices, clear delivery and business terms and conditions.


by sbrothier & 3 others
In February 2009, Jim McKelvey wasn’t able to sell a piece of his glass art because he couldn’t accept a credit card as payment. Even though a majority of payments has moved to plastic cards, accepting payments from cards is still difficult, requiring long applications, expensive hardware, and an overly complex experience. Square was born a few days later right next to the old San Francisco US Mint. Today the Square team is focused on bringing immediacy, transparency, and approachability to the world of payments: an inherently social interaction each of us participates in daily. We’re starting with a limited beta and rolling out to everyone in early 2010.

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