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Product Spotlight: Defraggler defrag hard disk utility | Product Spotlight |

by brianwaustin
Users who really beat up their filesystems will really appreciate Defraggler. People who do a lot of downloads, store large media files, or install and uninstall a lot of software will definitely find it useful. Users who require every last shred of performance from their system will also find Defraggler useful.

Product Spotlight: Smart Defrag | Product Spotlight |

by brianwaustin
Smart Defrag from IObit.Com is a bare bones defragmentation application that adds a unique feature to the mix. With a simple interface and its Auto Defrag functionality, Smart Defrag is a free upgrade to the standard defrag functionality that comes with the Windows operating system, and you may want to check out.

Product Spotlight: MyDefrag 4.2.6 | Product Spotlight | defag

by brianwaustin
MyDefrag is for those users and administrators looking for a better defragmenter than Windows Disk Defragmenter. MyDefrag is ideal if you are looking for a defragmenter that is thorough, highly customizable and free. However, if you are looking for a fast defragmenter, then MyDefrag probably isn’t for you.

Product Spotlight: UltraDefrag tool | Product Spotlight | defrag

by brianwaustin
UltraDefrag is an open source defragging tool that is superior to the default Microsoft tools. And UltraDefrag offers command line tools, as well as a micro edition that can be installed on a USB drive. The inclusion of UltraDefrag in your toolbox is a no brainer.


Internal Hard Drives

by wiliamau
Seagate and Maxtor range of desktop and laptop hard drives including the Barracuda, Momentus and DiamondMax series. Check out the specifications within.


The Innovator's Dilemma (Excerpt)

by kiadlion & 1 other
How Can Great Firms Fail? Insights from the Hard Disk Drive Industry

The Innovator's Dilemma (Excerpt)

by kiad & 1 other
How Can Great Firms Fail? Insights from the Hard Disk Drive Industry

Disk Doctors Undelete -

by hiphop
Recover deleted files on IDE / ATA / SATA / SCSI hard disk drives, SD Cards, Memory Sticks, external Zip drives and USB hard drives.


Problem with hard drive clicking - ThinkWiki

by rike_
Many users have reported a problem with hard drive clicking, sometimes described as a repeating tick tick tick type of ticking sound. The Hitachi Travelstar 5K80 series which shipped with many T series Thinkpads in particular is reported to suffer from this problem. The clicks occur rapidly, and are quiet but noticeable. While in use in a quiet environment the clicks can be relatively loud and very irritating to some users. The clicks seem to happen when the drive is idle and the power has been on for a significant period of time. The clicking is also reported on other vendor's laptop hard drives too and is therefore almost certainly a hard drive related rather than a laptop chassis related.


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