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The Bug in Microsoft's Ear

by oseres (via)
n digital music. In 2005, Apple's share of portable media devices sold in the U.S. grew to 67% from 52% in 2004, according to NPD Group. Making its own device, despite an uneven track record in consumer electronics, may be Microsoft's only viable alternative. What would it look like? Xbox boss Peter Moore says any Microsoft media device would have to leverage the company's most significant consume

Sshhh... One-chip, real-time smartphones are here | The Register

by oseres (via)
the confluence of two trends, each long predicted, but only now deemed ready for prime-time. The first is the consolidation of functionality onto one chip. Most of today's phones (and wireless PDAs too) use two processors to perform much of the donkey work - a baseband processor to handle the radio, such as GSM, CDMA and Wi-Fi, and an application processor to run the operating system, such as Windows Mobile, PalmOS, Symbian OS or Linux. But running everything on one chip, the application processor, allows the manufacturer to make a considerable saving on Bill of Material (BoM) costs. Or alternatively - and this is the route being tak


Alex's Mobility trends: août 2005

by oseres (via)
DA… Ca me fait penser au Nokia 770 qui avait fait pas mal de bruit lors de sa présentatio

Macsimum News - Handtops: a market Apple should investigate

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no idea what such a device would cost since the Sony handtop is available only in Japan. But it’s worth considering, IMHO. After all, with the success of the iPod, Apple is certainly investigating the possibilit

DSO Blog: Smartphone Market Growing Smartly

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percent share of the worldwide smart mobile-device market. The No. 2 vendo

PDAFrance Forums - Exclusivité : Les Pdas HTC pour 2006

by oseres (via)
dge, GPRS, BluetoothAPN 1.3 Megapixels avec FlashEcran interne 2.2" QVGA et 1.2" externeSlot MicroSD64 ou 128MB de ROM et 64 de RAMBoutons de lancement multimédiasDisponibilité : mi 2006 Le Qtek 8600 (nom de code Breeze) Super fin : 14.8mmQuadri-bandes : UMTS, Edge, GPRS, Bluetooth, IrdaAPN de 1.3M pixelsEcran 2.2" QVGASlot MicroSD128MB de ROM, 64MB de RAMWindows Mobile SmartphoneDisponibilité : mi 2006 Le Qtek 9600 (nom de code Hermès) UMTS/GSM/GPRS/EDGEEcran 2.8"" QVGA avec pivotement automatiqueAPN de 2M pixels (face arrière) + CIF (face avant)128MB de ROM, 64MB de RAMMicroSDClavier coulissantWifi et BluetoothMolette de défilement (Jogwheel)Dispon

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