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November 2005

The Daily News: Ship’s secrets up for grabs

by multilinko
the Fantome was loaded with loot from the White House, which British troops burned in August 1814. The ship was heading home to Halifax with a convoy when it lost its way in a vicious storm. No survivors With untold treasures, Fantome smashed into shoals and sank off Prospect on Nov. 24, 1814. The wreck was left undisturbed for political reasons. The event coincided with the end of the war, and the two nations wanted to move on. “Obviously, this was a very touchy subject at the time, so no one really said any more about it,” Chisholm said. Jagged rocks kept excavators away for nearly 200 years. It’s only recently that the technology has allowed anyone to take a look.

May 2005

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