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October 2013

May 2013

Why I left Heroku, and notes on my new AWS setup |

by Spone
On Friday, we migrated Soundslice from Heroku to direct use of Amazon Web Services (AWS). I'm very, very happy with this change and want to spread the word about how we did it and why you should consider it if you're in a similar position.

March 2013

How I migrated from Heroku to Digital Ocean with Chef and Capistrano - Matteo Depalo's Blog

by Spone
I’ve always loved deploying to Heroku. The simplicity of a git push let me focus on developing my applications which is what I really care about. However, both because of the scandal about the routing system and because I wanted to expand my skill set by entering the sysadmin land, at Responsa I decided to migrate to a VPS solution.

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