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Unsigned - About

by brianwaustin
Unsigned (originally tentatively named "Garage Band") is a music-rhythm game created to offer users additional life out of their previously one-game use Rock Band peripherals. Unsigned uses its own format for song "chart" data. But it has a utility to convert from the current RockBand/GuitarHero mod community's standard file, FeedBack's CHART.


Game Tycoon » Guitar Hero: Interview with Greg LoPiccolo (Harmonix)

by bcpbcp (via)
"I recently chatted with Greg LoPiccolo, VP of Product Development for Harmonix and one of the brains behind Guitar Hero, an innovative game with great reviews.;"


Lost Garden: Mini Game Design Reviews: Guitar Hero and Wierd Worlds

by bcpbcp
"I wanted to briefly mention two very different games that I’ve been spending time with recently. The first is Guitar Hero by Harmonix and the second is Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space by Digital Eel. Neither is a traditional game, and both have some good lessons about game design to share."

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