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2006 Red Mombin

by Mogore & 1 other
Red Mombin is a quick and easy to use web-based task manager. It's powered by AJAX, PHP, and MySQL and works in all major browsers. xNots

by Mogore
xnots is a desktop post-it / sticky note system for the unix geek. All post-it notes are text files in some directory. Changes made to files in this directory automatically propogate to the displayed note. And yes, notes can be transparent ... :)

Gravity GTD

by Mogore
Application web

Next Action

by Mogore & 10 others
Application RoR pour GTD



by Mogore & 1 other
The Omni Group - Applications -


by Mogore & 1 other
Mettre une liste de favoris sur son ordi (que ce soit une chanson, un mail, un document, etc...)

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