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[gatein-dev] Groovy template engine rewrite

by night.kame

The benefit of template rewrite in the capability to maintain a table

of template line number to groovy line number which allowed me to

implement more precise error reporting when an exception occurs

Evidemment, ça n'a pas l'air d'avoir été remonté dans Groovy core...


A Flex SOA Grails backend with rich GWT frontend UI widgets

by solrac
In this article you will build a Web application using Grails and the Google Web Toolkit (GWT). You will also use some richer UI widgets from the Ext GWT library. Familiarity with Groovy is great, but not completely necessary.


The Aquarium: News from the GlassFish Community

by night.kame

SpringSource has announced the acquisition of G2One the Groovy and Grails specialist company. Congrats to both! [...] Maybe SpringSource will be able to finish JSR 241? It has been more than 4 years since the EG formed...

La bonne blague !

Our Dynamic Language Shootout

by ddelangle
For a variety of deployment reasons, we've decided that whatever we choose will be deployed on the JVM. As a result, this comparison is for the JVM versions of the languages, e.g. JRuby, Jython, and, of course, Groovy, which has no other deployment option.


Dynamic scripting languages

by pvergain
Java 6 introduces native support for dynamic scripting languages (JSR 223, scripting languages and Java technology.) This BOF session brings together leaders, users, and critics from the Jython, Groovy, PHP, Ruby, and many other scripting camps for an exchange of ideas to develop a common understanding of the state of the art and practical examples of using dynamic scripting languages to solve problems

Groovy - Home

by pvergain & 11 others
Groovy is ... An agile dynamic language for the Java Platform with many features that are inspired by languages like Python, Ruby and Smalltalk, making them available to Java developers using a Java-like syntax. Developing web applications , writing shell scripts easily, writing concise, meaningful, test cases using Groovy's JUnit integration, or prototyping and producing real industrial strength applications have never been so concise and groovy. Groovy works cleanly with all existing Java objects and libraries and compiles straight to Java bytecode in either application development or scripting mode. A simple hello world script: def name='World'; println "Hello $name!"

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