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01 August 2005

Greasemonkey 0.5 Beta

by philippej & 2 others
"The major news with this release is, of course, security. Install at your own risk".

27 July 2005

Greasemonkey 0.4.1

by philippej & 2 others
Une nouvelle version qui semble fermer toutes les récentes failles de sécurité de cette géniale extension qu'est greasemonkey.

21 July 2005

Understanding the Greasemonkey vulnerability

by philippej & 4 others
"...until then, 0.3.5 is the only safe version of Greasemonkey".

18 July 2005

Secure RSS Syndication

by philippej & 10 others
"...a method for encrypting RSS feeds with Blowfish, and for decrypting them on the fly using Greasemonkey...".

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