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March 2007

Bumble Search | Firefox Add-ons | Mozilla Corporation

by jpcaruana (via)
Bumble Search is a Firefox extension that mashes up the web for ultra efficient web browsing. It 'upgrades' some of the Web's best sites. This is a fully formed, solid, and reliable extension. It has been very warmly featured in the British national IT press (PC Pro).

GTDInbox - The Firefox Extension that Combines Gmail with Getting Things Done - home

by jpcaruana & 16 others (via)
GTDInbox is a Firefox extension that integrates the highly effective methodology of "Getting Things Done" into the popular email service Gmail.

BlogmarksInGoogle –

by jpcaruana & 15 others (via)
BlogmarksInGoogle :add search into Google. This script adds to the Google results page last marks wich have tags similar to the terms searched in Google.

Blogmarks search plugin pour Firefox

by jpcaruana & 1 other
Permet de faire des recherches dans ses favoris directement depuis la barre d'adresse de Firefox

February 2007

October 2006

Portable Firefox et Portable Thunderbird

by cascamorto
Voici un double projet original qui vous permet d’utiliser Mozilla Firefox et Thunderbird sur n’importe quel PC sous Windows, via notamment une clef USB (mais aussi sur d’autres supports amovibles).

ScreenGrab - Capturez vos sites !

by cascamorto
Encore une nouvelle extension pour Firefox, qui permet cette fois d’un simple clic droit de creer une image PNG d’une page Web.

March 2006

Dive Into Greasemonkey

by parmentierf & 40 others
Dive Into Greasemonkey is a book about programming with Greasemonkey, a Firefox extension for customizing web pages. Read it online for free.

July 2005


by jmgachoud & 1 other
Extensions en français pour Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird et Nvu

February 2005