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23 December 2009 10:45

POM-Tu veux coiffer là ? | HÉLÈNE JAYET

by HK
After four years in the Fine art, she deepens the photography to the School Image ouverte, managed by Serge Gal where she follows workshops with Bernard Plossu and Jean-François Bauret. Between 2002 and 2003, she works for the agency Argonautes as graphic designer and person in charge of photo. Since 2004, she is a graphic designer and independent photographer. She did a training course of photo-journalism in the EMI-CFD ( 75 ), supervised by Wilfrid Estève, Mat Jacob (TF) and Lorenzo Virgili, Follow-up of a training course at Picturetank. She collaborates in a punctual way with Jef Gravis and Eric Seydoux's on projects of edition. The project 12°39 ' N, 8°00 ' W / malian chronicles was exposed in November, 2008 to the big theater of Angers for 23 edition of the international Festival of the Scoop and the journalism and received the price of the public of the month Off of the photography in December, 2008.

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