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Design Ammo - iOS Ammo - 1000 Photoshop design resources for the iPad and iPhone

by sbrothier
iOS ammo is jammed full with 1000 royalty free design elements that are crafted for the iPhone and iPad screen. Everything comes as fully layered Photoshop PSD's in both standard and retina resolution sizes giving you a grand total of 2000 elements!


Glyphish – Great icons for great iPhone & iPad applications

by sbrothier & 10 others
Designed and carefully optimized for use on toolbars and tab bars in iPhone & iPad apps, they're also perfect for Android apps, websites, t-shirts, tattoos and more.


320480 ~ ThreeTwentyFourEighty

by sbrothier
iPhone Interface psd file v1.0, most iPhone screen elements, sensible layer sets. Perfect for designing your site / app

iPhone GUI PSD

by sbrothier & 4 others
Over the past few months we’ve had to create a few iPhone mock ups for presentations. The problem we’ve encountered is the lack of resources to help us design something efficiently. Up until now we’ve used a nice PSD from but we still found ourselves having to build out additional assets or heavily modifying bitmap based buttons and widgets.

Sean Patrick O'Brien : UI & Resolution Independence

by sbrothier
I, like most developers, love shiny new user interfaces. Rounded corners, gradients, drop shadows, custom drawing — all of these things make me smile. What I don’t love, though, is an application that can’t draw with resolution independence and whose Resources folder weighs in at around 100MB. It seems that almost every new app (with a few notable exceptions) handles its custom UI needs by filling the Resources folder with bitmaps of every part of their interface in every possible state. To draw their controls, they tape these bitmaps back together on the screen and call it a day.

Grid-Based Design: Six Creative Column Techniques | How-To | Smashing Magazine

by sbrothier & 2 others
Grid systems bring visual structure and balance to site design. As a tool grids are useful for organizing and presenting information. Used properly, they can enhance the user experience by creating predictable patterns for users to follow. From designer’s point of view they allow for an organized methodology for planning systematic layouts.


Grid Layout

by sbrothier & 1 other
Khoi Vinh has been touting Grid Layouts for years. From his efforts there have been many, many solutions to helping people use Grid Layouts successfully. Thanks to a recent brilliant idea of Jon Hicks and code execution by Teevio, I present to you Grid Layout JS.

GridMaker Reboot - Article - andrewingram

by sbrothier & 1 other
A few months ago I wrote GridMaker to aid in producing grid-based web design mock-ups in Photoshop (and later Fireworks). Whilst very primitive it was well-received and many have informed me how useful they’ve found it. At the same time it was clear that there were a number of issues so I went back to GridMaker and made a number of changes.

Grid Calculator

by sbrothier & 9 others (via)
Change the settings (by dragging the sliders, clicking on the bars, or editing the values) to calculate the overall width of your grid.

DesignBum: Living Today's Tomorrows

by sbrothier
Okay, my tiny parakeets, let me set this shit straight. First off, this section is crammed with tasty visual treasures that you can use in your projects, art, or whatever. It's largely the sum collective of my personal design resources not including all the cool shit I've scanned over the years (though, bandwidth providing, I'll get those up as well). There's also some experiments, half realized ideas, stickers, and wallpapers on which to feast your eyes. Additionally, some of these projects contain dingbats that I didn't create. Use these at your own risk. Almost all the dingbats I used were free where but some may not be, so exercise caution. Also, you can download all of the downloads in one file if you want. But hark, and listen to the words I now speak, for I preach a mindful vision, one pregnant with poise and intent.

Factory Joe / Collection: Design Patterns

by sbrothier & 6 others
Reuse, recycle, but don’t reinvent the wheel unless necessary. by Brian Christiansen at UI Engineering. Via. This collection captures findings of consistent, unique or interesting interfaces and design flows from across the web.

Phiculator, the Golden Ratio calculator from Thismanslife : Design, Graphics, Photography // James Mellers, Nottingham UK

by sbrothier & 2 others (via)
Phi, the Fibonacci sequence, the golden ratio, the golden section, the golden mean, the divine proportion. It’s known as many things, but the ratio they all refer to is the same, 1 : 1.61803399... Found in art, architecture, design, and most intriguingly, in nature, this ratio has been used throughout history and today for its aesthetic beauty. Phiculator (pronounced "fye·cu·la·tor") is a simple tool which, given any number, will calculate the corresponding number according to the golden ratio. Useful to anyone wishing to create anything with divine proportions!

Gridding the 960 ~ Authentic Boredom

by sbrothier & 1 other (via)
You might recall a certain dialogue on this site about optimal layout width for 1024px. And perhaps your astuteness leads you to recollect the ensuing dialogue about fluid vs. fixed width.

Andy Budd::Blogography: Layout Grid Bookmarklet

by sbrothier & 2 others (via)
Inspired by Khoi Vinh’s post about using a background image of a grid for layout, and a subsequent post over at Smiley Cat about the same thing, I decided to knock up a quick Photoshop style Layout Grid Bookmarklet

design et typo » Blog Archive » Jacques Séguéla | typographie des marques et l’avenir de la presse quotidienne

by sbrothier
Séguela, "le poids des mots, le choc des photos", cite Mao et le dénigre de la typographie sur le web... ah société destructrice.... insupportable...


David Seah

by sbrothier & 12 others
Dave is an interactive / GUI / graphic designer based in the Boston / Southern New Hampshire area. Available for freelance projects.

Free Photoshop form element templates for webdesigners and screendesigners |

by sbrothier & 4 others, 1 comment
You need an active checkbox for your screendesign? A radio button, a select box? And you're tired of making the same screenshot over and over again? Look no further: our free photoshop form element templates for your professional screendesign include all common standard form fields , mouse and link pointer and are optimized for ease-of-use. Optimized how ?

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