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Gato: Graph Animation Toolbox

by YukuanMark
Gato - the Graph Animation Toolbox - is a software which visualizes algorithms on graphs. Graphs are mathematical objects consisting of vertices and edges connecting pairs of vertices: think of cities as vertices and interstates as edges connecting two ci

GUESS: The Graph Exploration System

by YukuanMark & 2 others
GUESS is an exploratory data analysis and visualization tool for graphs and networks. The system contains a domain-specific embedded language called Gython (an extension of Python, or more specifically Jython) which supports the operators and syntactic su

Graph-based Modeling on Python

by YukuanBlog & 1 other
模擬複雜網路,也可以套用 Agent-based modeling 架構。不過諸如網路的群聚度(clustering coefficient, C)及網路特徵的路經長度(characteristic path length, L)等統計數據計算需耗費的時間,隨著網路的規模成長很快,所以不適合運作太頻繁。但我們卻得靠這些統計數據來判斷網路是否收斂、試驗是否該終止了,想試驗各個參數排列組合時,更是雪上加霜。

Boost to Python

by YukuanBlog

The igraph library

by YukuanMark
This is another library for creating and manipulating graphs. There is simply no other graph library out there which can be handle graphs of the size the author is confronted with efficiently. Whenever possible igraph tries to be also user friendly and po

Boost Graph Library - Python Bindings

by YukuanMark
The Boost Graph Library Python bindings (which we refer to as "BGL-Python") expose the functionality of the Boost Graph Library and Parallel Boost Graph Library as a Python package, allowing one to perform computation-intensive tasks on graphs (or network

NetworkX trac

by YukuanMark & 1 other
NetworkX (NX) is a Python package for the creation, manipulation, and study of the structure, dynamics, and functions of complex networks.

by dcancel is a Python package that interfaces to gnuplot, the popular open-source plotting program


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