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20 June 2018 01:15

Michael Rost - Longman English Interactive 2 [2006, ISO] ::

by tadeufilippini
Longman English Interactive 2 pic Год выпуска: 2006 Автор: Michael Rost Издательство: Pearson Формат: 2CD+PDF (Scope and Sequence) Описание: Longman English Interactive 2 is the beginner level of a 4-level, video-based, integrated skills program that includes over 100 hours of instruction per level. The program provides presentation and practice in grammar, speaking, listening, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading and writing. Key Features * Online access anytime, anywhere * Contemporary video with engaging characters presents real language in context * Ongoing student assessment allows teachers and students to monitor progress * Living Grammar dynamically illustrates how grammar works ВНИМАНИЕ! 17.04.2009 в торрент добавлено обновление (longman_update_v6_us.exe), необходимое для корректной работы программы. Апдейт необходимо устанавливать только один раз для всех частей серии. Longman English Interactive 1 Longman English Interactive 3 Longman English Interactive 4

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