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January 2005

file magazine : a collection of unexpected photography

by mikepower
The purpose of FILE is to collect and display photographs that treat subjects in unexpected ways. Alternate takes, odd angles, unconventional observations - these are some of the ways photographs collected in FILE reinterpret traditional genres.

Drop Down Menu Generator

by mikepower
Get a drop-down menu on your page in seconds. Slick, easy and goodlooking

Table Generator

by mikepower
Input your values and create a custom table code instantly. Really easy, slick way to produce simple tables.

Spectacle - Color Schemes

by mikepower & 4 others
At Forty Media, we keep a database of color schemes for our own use. We've decided to share some samples of our collection

December 2004


by mikepower & 3 others
great little web based random graphics generator

November 2004

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