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February 2006

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April 2005

Flickr Related Tag Browser

by mikepower & 80 others
Phenomenally useful complement to Flickr, absolutely the most effective way you have today to search for visual resources. A must-have.

March 2005

Essential Fonts For Designers | 300 Free Truetype Fonts You Should Have

by mikepower & 93 others
I've collected 300 of my favorite truetype fonts that can be used for design works. Here they are free to download in .ttf format (works on both MacOSX and Windows machines)

February 2005


by mikepower
Type in a URL and get a kaleiderscope image of any graphics on the page.

January 2005

Table Generator

by mikepower
Input your values and create a custom table code instantly. Really easy, slick way to produce simple tables.

Spectacle - Color Schemes

by mikepower & 4 others
At Forty Media, we keep a database of color schemes for our own use. We've decided to share some samples of our collection

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