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Graffiti Art Store | OBVIOUS STORE

by keusta & 1 other
Tshirts et prints graffiti fait maison (par keusta)




Pix My Street | Coming soon !

by gregg
Pix My Street est LE réseau social de pixel art gaming. Bien plus qu’un jeu, c’est un véritable générateur d’échange artistique. Son principe ? Multiplier et protéger ses créations pour gagner un maximum de points grâce aux pixel arts.


‘Anamorphism’ by Ninja182 « Format Magazine Urban Art Fashion

by sbrothier
Graphic design studio Truly Design introduces us to the street art of Ninja182 and his latest project called ‘Anamorphism’ made with contemporary art techniques to create a mind-blowing artwork, which can only be seen in its completeness from a specific angle in the room.

KN | Kitsune Noir » ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’ – A Banksy Film

by sbrothier
In a slightly random turn of events Banksy will be releasing a new film called Exit Through The Gift Shop that will be premiering at Sundance this Sunday. The film supposedly is about a man who tried to make a movie about Banksy, but Banksy ends up making a film about him instead. From viewing the trailer it just looks like him and Shep Fairey running around Silver Lake and Melrose bombing buildings. I’m curious to hear what it’s really about, I’m sure it’ll be interesting no matter what it is.


Combo / BLU Vs David Ellis - [LSD]

by HK
Il s'agit donc d'une superbe collaboration entre BLU et David Ellis, produit par Studio Cromie et réalisé pour le Fame festival 2009 en Italie.

John Fekner

by HK
In the 70s, John Fekner was ‘anonymously known’ for over three hundred environmental/conceptual works consisting of dates, words, and symbols spray painted throughout the five boroughs of New York. The “Warning Signs” project focused on pointing out hazardous conditions that dominated New York City and its environs in the 1970s. In the spring of 1977, Fekner created word-signs using hand cut cardboard stencils and spray paint. He began a relentless crusade concerned with social and environmental issues. Starting in the industrial streets of Queens and the East River bridges, and later on to the South Bronx in 1980, his messages were seen in areas that were desperately in need of construction, demolition or reconstruction. By labeling structures and emphasizing problems, the objective was to call attention to the accumulated squalor by urging city officials, agencies and local communities to be more responsible and take action.

New Blu short: COMBO

by HK
A fantastic new stopmotion animation by Blu and David Ellis (2009), made at the Italian Fame festival. year 2009

La Nuit du Street Art // 25 Mai 09 :: Paris // 14h > Minuit :: Gratuit

by kruty
L'ATLAS / 100PRESSION / TANC / SUN7 / BABOU / NATIVE / ZEN2 / NASTY / STUDIO 55 / TAXIE GALERIE / GRAFFITI ART / TRBDSGN / MISS TIC / KITCHEN 93 / DOUZE12 / CRITERES EDITIONS / TAXIE GALERIE / DEALYT / MIMI THE CLOWN / TOM TOM / TEURC / JAYA / SOLKEY / EMA TRICOPATHE / SHUCK ONE / FRANCE-TRICOT / AUGUSTE / Etc... Avec le live de LYRE LE TEMPS et le Dj set de ARTKUT d’infos : 25 MAI 2009 14h > Minuit ENTREE LIBRE Place Saint-Sulpice, Paris 6 Métro St-Sulpice (ligne 4) || Bus - 84/ 63 / 70 / 86 / 96 / 87 / 95 / 70 / 39

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