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Iaido shinsain no me – The eyes of the Iaido judges

by Takwann
book called “Iaido shinsahin no me”. This book edited by the “Kendo Jidai” publisher is a compilation of 15x ZNKR 8th Dan Hanshi sensei’s opinions on what are the important points needed for shinsa, embu and taikai. It is of course written in Japanese and will probably not be translated, so we decided to start a very rough translation of some parts. The book is separated into fifteen parts, one for each sensei and each part separated into a 2 points and three chapters …


ZNKR Kata & Testing Info

by Takwann
The information provided here is not intended to teach you the kata; only attending class and practicing can do that. This information is subject to change pursuant to AUSKF requirements. Be sure to consult your instructor with any questions you may have.

Ogura Noboru Hanshi’s comments on Iaido: technical proficiency and spiritual growth | online community

by Takwann
For Ogura Sensei, those who quit Iaido when they fail a promotional exam may have the wrong goal. Of course, it is crucial for disciples to work hard, trying to gain mastery of physical movements and pass a grading, but Iaido is much more than technical proficiency, he remarked. Simply stated, the essential core value of Iaido is about cultivating oneself and becoming a better being, entailing daily commitment, eagerness, and perseverance. The essence of Iaido or the spirit of mononofu (meaning “all what relates to being a samurai”) is to acquire a harmonious spirit and to learn about respect and consideration for others.

2009 CKF Eastern and Central Iaido and Jodo Gradings

by Takwann
What a pleasure it was to attend the 2009 CKF iaido and jodo gradings at the Etobicoke Olympium in Ontario, Canada. The day began with an over-subscribed iaido seminar featuring instruction by Ohmi Goyo sensei, Asaoka Mitsuru sensei, Stephen Cruise sensei, David Green sensei (and myself). That's four nanadan and a rokudan for the 50 to 60 students who attended. The seminar began with a group run-through of Zen Ken Ren iai (seitei gata) and then the students were split into their challenge groups, ikkyu, shodan, nidan and sandan, and yondan up to receive some specific training.

Ittokai Info Page

by Takwann
Grading Requirements The test starts from when you are sitting at the side, waiting to do your techniques, and ends there as well. All movements are looked at.



The Irascible Professor-commentary of the day 04-27-06. Just tell me I'm wonderful and give me the A.

by multilinko (via)
I have to admit I have contributed to grade inflation, not willingly, but because of overwhelming pressure from all sides. I don't hand out As and Bs like candy, the way so many teachers do these days, but I do tend to pull my punches at the lower end of the grade scale. I don't give as many Ds and Fs as I used to. In fact, I often put a C- on a paper that would have earned a D from me twenty years ago. Giving a student less than a C- on any sort of writing that is not absolutely illiterate has become virtually impossible, no matter what the flaws in the writing are -- especially since even our best college students now make errors of the sort that would have earned a grade school student an F at one time.

Sites used in a 1st grade classroom.

by tagtooga
After spending a day with my child in 1st grade, these are the sites I found on the classrooms' computers. They are helpful for anyone with children in 1st grade. (Perhaps kindergarten and 2nd grade also...)

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