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November 2005

Connect the World | Arthur . Games . PBS Kids

by knann
Play against Buster to match 4 items in a row. Items depict different aspects of world cultures. Has audio

September 2005

African Animal Communities

by knann
Read about different african animal communities. Easy reading level.

Weather Symbols Unit

by knann
A great unit on weather symbols, the adjectives used to describe weather and a writing activity


by knann
Pupils follow a balloon as it travels either north to a cold country, or south to a hot country. They track the balloon across a map of the world, and look in detail at the landscape features of the country where it lands .

Mapping Our World

by knann
Whole class interactive activity. Very appropriate for GR1 and 2

Positional Language

by knann
A resource that teaches children positional language(prepositions). Whole class activity with projector


by knann
This geography resource pack is intended to develop pupils' ability to recognise different directions. It centres on the four main points of the compass and contains teacher-led whiteboard activities for developing navigation and direction-following skills.

July 2005

Kidspiration Activity Templates

by knann
Many curriculum related templates created by teachers for grades k-5 available for downloading. Check it out!

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