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April 2007

» Another view: ‘Magic number’ for SOA services threshold is ‘nuts’ | Service-Oriented Architecture |

by nhoizey
an opinion that '50' seems to be the threshold at which Web services may require some better care and feeding, with governance, registry, management, and all that good stuff

February 2007

Liquid Learning

by nhoizey
le manque de compétences ou de formation est considéré comme l'obstacle le plus important au déploiement de la SOA.

Liquid Learning

by nhoizey
Alors que les logiciels d'infrastructure (bus de services d’entreprise, sécurité et services de données) peuvent représenter jusqu'à 40 % des budgets SOA, 54 % sont consacrés à la formation et aux nouvelles embauches.

July 2006

Governing SOA | InfoWorld | Analysis | 2006-01-19 | By Phillip J. Windley

by nhoizey (via)
SOA promises enterprises endless advantages: increased code reuse, reduced integration expense, better security, and -- the big payoff -- greater business agility. Whether you achieve those benefits, however, probably has more to do with your policies and procedures than the quality of your code.

A case for SOA governance

by nhoizey (via)
Help your enterprise reap its true benefits by strengthening your awareness to the importance of SOA governance for an enterprise which has IT as one of its key organizations. The author illustrates some key responsibilities of a governance body and concludes by showing you how you can effectively implement SOA governance.

Governance, the key to SOA success

by nhoizey
SOA governance is about managing the quality, consistency, predictability, change and interdependencies of services. It's about blending the flexibility of service orientation with the control of traditional IT architectures.

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