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01 July 2014

Use Google Spreadsheets as your CMS | Brace Data

by Krome & 2 others
Display your spreadsheet data however you like right on your static site.

Use Google Spreadsheets as your CMS | Brace Data

by Spone & 2 others
Display your spreadsheet data however you like right on your static site.

29 June 2014

IndexKings - The Best Rapid Indexer Online Today!

by hapatchan
IndexKings is today's best Rapid Indexer. This Rapid Indexer is 100% FREE to use. Simply add the URL you want to be indexed. Get your site indexed today!

26 June 2014

23 June 2014

Web Starter Kit

by Krome & 2 others
Your starting point for building great multi-device web experiences

20 June 2014

Web Starter Kit

by srcmax & 2 others
Your starting point for building great multi-device web experiences

19 June 2014

Skybox Imaging - Skybox Imaging + Google

by sbrothier
We’re thrilled to announce that Skybox Imaging has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Google! Five years ago, we began the Skybox journey to revolutionize access to information about the changes happening across the surface of the Earth. We’ve made great strides in the pursuit of that vision. We’ve built and launched the world’s smallest high­-resolution imaging satellite, which collects beautiful and useful images and video every day. We have built an incredible team and empowered them to push the state­-of­-the-­art in imaging to new heights. The time is right to join a company who can challenge us to think even bigger and bolder, and who can support us in accelerating our ambitious vision.

18 June 2014

16 June 2014

Google rompt avec les annonceurs porno — Le Tag Parfait

by sbrothier
AdWords, la régie publicitaire de Google, existe depuis près de quinze ans. C’est elle qui glisse de petites suggestions sur la page de résultats lorsque vous louez les services de l’hégémonique moteur de recherche. Vous voulez prendre soin de votre premier bonsaï ? AdWords vous tend une poignée de sites sur lesquels vous êtes susceptibles de dépenser vos sous : des boutiques de jardinage, des bonsaïstes professionnels, et cetera. Toutes ces annonces sont sélectionnées par AdWords en fonction de votre position géographique, de votre langue, du moment de la journée et surtout des termes utilisés dans votre requête.

15 June 2014

11 June 2014


by moby
meme base

10 June 2014

09 June 2014

Encadrons les neuro-révolutionnaires

by toki & 1 other
En mars, Ray Kurzweil, directeur du développement et ingénieur en chef de Google, a déclaré que nous utiliserions des nanorobots intracérébraux branchés sur nos neurones pour nous connecter à Internet vers 2035.

05 June 2014

Driverless cars and Red Barchettas: Did Rush predict a Google-controlled future? - The Big Event

by sbrothier
Peart wrote the lyrics in 1981, and appears to correctly predict the inventions of Google Earth and Street View (“the eyes”). This will become even more prescient in the next decade or two, as the products continue their inevitable evolution toward watching our every move in real time. (Initially for consumer data-tracking purposes, but later co-opted by law enforcement.)

03 June 2014

30 May 2014

29 May 2014

Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool

by dzc
This tool simulates Google's search engine results pages (SERPs). Use the form below to enter the title, meta description, and URL of your web page, and this tool will generate a virtual search result listing based on your input.

28 May 2014

The Internet With A Human Face - Beyond Tellerrand 2014 Conference Talk

by night.kame & 2 others

It's not just possible, but fairly common for someone to visit a Google website from a Google device, using Google DNS servers and a Google browser on the way.

This is a level of of end-to-end control that would have caused us to riot in the streets if Microsoft had attempted it in 1999. But times have changed.

Le pseudo-geek qui urinait sur Microsoft lèche aujourd'hui les pieds de Google. Le pseudo-geek préfère le monstre au maladroit.

27 May 2014

26 May 2014

23 May 2014

16 May 2014

The Trick That Makes Google's Self-Driving Cars Work - Alexis C. Madrigal - The Atlantic

by sbrothier
Google's self-driving cars can tour you around the streets of Mountain View, California.  I know this. I rode in one this week. I saw the car's human operator take his hands from the wheel and the computer assume control. "Autodriving," said a woman's voice, and just like that, the car was operating autonomously, changing lanes, obeying traffic lights, monitoring cyclists and pedestrians, making lefts. Even the way the car accelerated out of turns felt right. 

05 May 2014

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