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July 2006

Virtual Video Map

by virtual magic & 2 others
Mashup of Google Maps and Youtube Videos. Tips for using this page: 1) Be patient with the download. It is a large file. 2) Use Firefox. Page loads faster with Firefox. 3) Click the STOP button on the video before closing the video pop-up window. 4) CLICK & DRAG the map to position videos if you cannot view the entire video. Use the zoom tool to see how close I got to some of the actual video scenes on the map. 5) Report missing videos to

ITmedia News:「このビデオのここから見て」がGoogle Videoで可能に

by rikaizm
特定の箇所を指定してURLを作成できる機能が、Google Videoに追加

Google Video Adds in-Stream Permalinks

by philippej
"All you need to do is append the time in this format (#1m35s) to the video URL.""

Good website download YouTube and Google Video (no need to install any program or script)

by PatrickPatrick (via)
I found there is a good website can download YouTube and Google Video easiler. There is no need to install any program or script by this way.

Téléchargez les vidéos Google au format avi

by sbrothier & 4 others, 6 comments
Une astuce provenant de Google Operating System nous apprend qu’il est possible de télécharger les vidéos présentes sur la plateforme de Google non plus au format GVI mais au format AVI.

Virtual Video Map

by mamynova & 2 others
Mashup of Youtube videos and Google Maps

June 2006

Classics On Google Video

by philippej
"Some old movies have "fallen out of copyright", which means they can be distributed and downloaded for free."

New Movie Previews

by rikaizm & 3 others

Jan's Tech Blog: Google Video窮追猛打YouTube

by phgod
深討 YouTube 勝過 Google Video 的原因。

May 2006

New Movie Previews

by MLChen & 3 others
最新預告片 by google

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